Monday, December 31, 2007

Milk - Hormones, Cancer & The Rest

People have been consuming milk products for about 8,000 years. So it must be good for us, right? Well milk in general is good for a lot of people but not most.

70% of the adults in the whole world are Lactose Intolerant or lack the enzymes to digest milk. So reverse that, only 30% of people can digest other words a minority of people have adapted to consumption of milk; it is not the norm.

Short History: (ref - "Guns, Germs and Steel", Jared Diamond pg 167)
13,000 B.C. wild game is becoming less abundant and even disappear. Large mammals become extinct as human populations are increasing along with climate change causing wild resource shortages. (note the climate change was not as drastic as seen today.)
8500 B.C. - Farming starts by this time in the Mesopotamia region (SW Asia).
8000 B.C. Sheep are domesticated by this time in SW Asia.
8,000 B.C. Goats are domesticated by this time in SW Asia
6000 B.C. Cows are domesticated in SW Asia, India and possibly North Africa (not Europe though)

Prior to the consumption of milk products the majority of people could not digest it. As cattle rearing and extracting milk continued in the Neolithic era, many people began to adapt to the milk lifestyle. Some experts believe they started with cheese products and that drinking milk was not typical. Mature cheese is easier to digest then raw milk due to fermentation. (Yogurts would also be easier to digest.)


Milk Allergy

Lactose Intolerance

Fast Forward, to the 1900s when farmers began focusing on how to increase the production of milk. A variety of techniques have been introduced over the years and have evolved from selective breading (a long practiced technique) to Hormones (rBST and rBGH).

The most common milk of today, non free range, is not the same as the milk 100 years ago. The cows of today are fed grain. 100 years ago the cows were fed grass. Cows today are in pens, 100 years ago they wondered around in fields of clover and grass. Cows today are injected with anabolic hormones, a 100 years ago they were au naturale. The list goes on.

There is something to be said for the old fashion way of farming where the cows were free range, "organic" and grass fed: Cancer

"Conjugated linoleic acid is a beneficial fatty acid that inhibits several types of cancer in mice, it has been shown to kill human skin cancer, colorectal cancer and breast cancer cells in vitro studies, and may help lower cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis; only available in milk from grass-fed cows." Reference: Milk

The European Commission recommends not consuming Monsanto Milk. Monsanto Milk is milk from cows injected with rBST and rBGH due to the possible connection to Breast and Colon Cancer. European Commission Article

Call me old fashion but I'll stick with the au naturale products.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Recycling Centers

Not Sure where to recycle your holiday tree? Check out this site which list recycling drop off centers by state

You can also find out where to drop off a plethora of waste items such as batteries, paint, electronics, tires, motor oil, fluorescent bulbs...etc. There is even a listing for toys and books. Check it out

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Finding out that a toy or child product has been recalled can be unnerving. Less then 10% of recalled products are returned to the manufacture when a notice is issued. That means thousands and most likely millions of products continue to be used while a potential hazard is lurking.

But how does one stay up to date on the latest recall?

I am signed up for the babycenter news which lists child product recalls.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Books- Animal Board Books

Books have been a big part of my baby's life and these "Baby Animals: Books in a Box" are fab for little hands. Check them out here.

I also came across this board book "Peekaboo Bugs" by David A. Carter offers five liftable flaps on each page to highlight an assortment of same-colored items ("Can you find the Blue Bug?"); a turning wheel keeps the foil-trimmed insects on the move.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Board Books

We received the "My First Sushi" book as a shower gift for baby. Seven months later it is rather worn out. It has a great rhythm through out the whole book. A book that adults can enjoy as much as kids. Well, except we don't lick the pages. The pages are filled with collages which were a different experience for me and something baby was fascinated with. The detail is captivating.

There are other great books in this series by Amy Wilson Sanger including "Hola Jalopeno", "Mangia Mangia" and "Let's Nosh".

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Laptops XO

This is the educational tool that gives and GIVES. Designed for children to learn about the world around them. One Laptop Per Child is an organization focused on getting laptops into the hands of children everywhere. You can help your own child, grandchild or one you care about by purchasing one for them. Then one laptop will be donated to a child in need. What a great way to educate the child you care about and do good for the world at the same time.

As per their website:
"Designed collaboratively by experts from academia and industry, the XO is the product of the very best thinking about technology and learning. It was designed with the real world in mind, considering everything from extreme environmental conditions such as high heat and humidity, to technological issues such as local-language support. As a result, the XO laptop is extremely durable, brilliantly functional, energy-efficient, responsive, and fun. Come take a look."

One Lap Top per Child

Monday, November 26, 2007

Socks - That Stay On ?

Yes, there is such a thing as socks that stay on small feet. Our baby losses her socks all the time. There is one style that seems to stay on until we pull them off and that is the Athletic Fit by Maggie's.

Our babies legs are so chunky that her ankles are a little wider than her feet. What is great about Maggie's Athletic Fit is that the ankle is fitted with a short elastic section that hugs the ankle without leaving marks on our baby. The foot part is wide, more like a mitten and not like a tube sock. Check them out. I found them on (I even have the ones for adults and I was surprised at the well designed the contour fit was.)They are even organic. The Athletic fit have lasted both my baby and me longer then most tube style or less costly socks. (My toes ware through the tube style.)

Infant & Toddler

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Burt's Bees Gift Kits

These make great socking stuffers or presents for the "hard to buy for" crowd. Burt's Bees offer a variety of choices when it comes to "Gift Kits" whether for baby, teens, men or women.

Head to Toe Starter Kit
With sample size crèmes and cleansers, lotions and balms. "All Natural Assortment of 10 Popular Burts Bees Products."

Burt's Bee Natural Remedy Kit
One kit containing all-in-one wash, hand salve, healthy healing carrot nutritive body lotion, Lifeguard's Choice lip balm, poison ivy soap, Res-Q ointment, rosemary mint shampoo bar, and therapeutic bath crystals. Features comfrey, olive fruit oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, peppermint oil and rosemary oil.

Burt's Bees Hand Repair Kit
One kit containing shea butter hand repair creme, beeswax and banana hand creme, lemon butter cuticle creme, gloves, and instruction booklet.
The "shea butter reduces wrinkles and protects skin from environmental aging."

Burt's Bees Bay Rum Shaving Kit for Men
Featuring Burt's Bee's classic Bay Rum fragrance. Includes: Bay Rum Spicy Soap 3 oz., Bay Rum After-Shave Balm 4 oz., Porcelain Shave Mug, Starter Shave Brush

Burt's Bees Baby Getting Started Kit
Includes: Apricot Baby Oil,Dusting Powder, Buttermilk Lotion, Diaper Ointment, Buttermilk Bath Soak

Holiday Gifts Basket - Fair Trade


For the coffee lover in your life Starbucks uses Fair trade coffees. The basket includes Crisp and sweet Caffe Verona, light and lively House Blend and full earthy Sumatra ground coffee can be made right at home. Starbucks hot chocolate, assorted Tazo teas, chocolate caramel, Brown & Haley buttercrunch toffee cookies, peppermint chocolate, toffee wafers and caramel nut clusters are arranged in this delightful basket with two large Starbucks coffee mugs that will remind them of this wonderful gift throughout their day. Gift Size: 15" x 9"x 10"

This Numi Tea gift set includes one bamboo box containing a glass teapot and nine flowering tea varieties, enough to steep 27 pots of tea (1.66-ounce unit). Includes Starlight Rose, Flower Jewel, Dragon Lily, Lavender Dream, Emerald Sun, Jade Fortune, Jasmine Pearls, Midnight Peony, and Black Beauty varieties. The teas are certified organic, fair trade, and kosher.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Car Seats & London

Are you traveling to London? Have a small kid? I found this link to a site that reviews the rules for car seats and kids in London. You could also call your hotel ahead of time. They should be able to get you the information on the most recent rules.

Car Seats & NYC

I found a site for New York City Parents to learn more about public transportation and their kids.
The site talks about subways, buses and taxis. It lists which subways have elevators and what to do about a car seat in a bus or taxi.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Kids and Caring


Gifts are nice. But how can I build character in my child? How can I create a compassionate, caring kid? Well, through understanding. Understanding takes exposure. Exposure to appreciation, of the world around us. Once appreciation is achieved a child that is inter and intra aware will have an understanding of the world that is unique.

Donations during the holidays are not unusual. Having one's child request that one of their presents be donated in their name to help someone, the environment or an animal in need would melt many a hearts.

One way to approach this is to show your child the web sites below or ones you know of. Then explain that one of their gifts could be the gift of giving. Ask what they think. Ask if there is a particular animal or charity they know and would like to help. They may have many questions. And who knows maybe next time they may be the ones to bring the subject up.

Here are a few ideas.

Adopt an Animal Kit from

Adopt a Manatee from

Car Seats

So we used the Graco SnugRide infant seat. Now we need a seat for the 22lbs and up crowd. I have been doing a lot of reading on line. Our requirements are:

1. testing at both city and highways speeds

2. testing of front and side impact

3. easy to install

4. protection for head

5. protection against rear impacts and rollover

But here is the thing...I am not an I find this task stressful. I have been in four car accidents in my life: 1) 7 yrs old, mom driving, old lady t-bones us, both in motion. 2) 16 yrs old, friend driving, we hit ice and the car is turned into a pin wheel. 3) 17 yrs old, Me driving 15mph on side road, hit ice, slid off road...very slowly. 4) est. 23 yrs old, Me sitting in my Jeep Wrangler at a red light, a news paper reading SUV slams into the back of me launching my jeep from a stopped position forward 15 feet (his front end was bent in half my jeep had a small dent in the back bumper, GO Jeep) . So, with all the wonderful drivers in up-state NY and the ice a perfect car seat is a must have.

This is probably the best message I could send...get the car seat that is fitted for your car or taxi. Apparently, all cars can not take all car seats. Each car has a specific selection of car seats. For instance a 1995 Honda Accord has 7 car seats that can fit correctly and all are seat belt style (no LATCH). I have read that if you are in an accident and you didn't use the right car seat the company is not responsible. I don't know how true this is. But why take the change. So, I found a website that can help. It even handles the LATCH or seat belt answer.

One interesting (side note) article was from the BBC and they quote the a American Academy of Pediatrics. "Parents should limit the number of journeys they take their new-born babies on." Apparently small babies have a hard time breathing when in a seat for a long time.



The Fabulous slinky ! I had a metal one as a kid and I use a rainbow colored one on my desk as a pencil holder. For one it is just a cool toy to hold in one's hand. Two you can send it slinkying down stairs, large blocks or even off furniture onto a sibling then to the floor.

Think about it...this was a straight piece of metal that could do nothing at one time. Then some genius got the great idea to curl it. And suddenly the thing can walk ! And bounce ! And whatever else young minds can think of to do. To me it is a tool for creativity. The kid can create their world with this simple toy. Rather than having someone in a cubical creating self-contained toys that a child just sits and watches.

You can get this toy at Back to Basic Toys.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Music CDs


In this corner we have Baby Einstein's "Wake-up and Goodnight". And in that corner we have Putumayo Presents "Dreamland". These are completely different CDs. We are happy to have both available to enlighten our child.

"Wake-up and Goodnight" is a synthesizer rendition of the classics like Beethoven's Sonata in probably hear this one before in movies. The first 10 music pieces are for a light and fresh morning. The second 10 pieces are for bed time.

"Dreamland" is a myraid of world lullabies and soothing songs. Songs arrive to us from South Africa, Canada, Madagascar, Benin, Australia, Brasil, Tatarstan/Russia...etc. 12 countries and 13 songs later our baby is alway past out.

We want to offer our baby an opportunity to develop an ear for both a variety of sound, music, words, songs, instruments, and languages. These CDs make the education easy.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ice Creme & Ice Cream


OMG ! I can't believe this...I got to use one of these when I was about 7 years old at Camp Seven Hills. All of us girls were running around the cafeteria exterior porch with blocks of ice. We were suppose to break them down not launch them at each other. The best thing was I never had icecreme this good. And I didn't remember the taste until I had Cio Bella icecreme a year ago.

I want one now...But I may have to wait until next year...I already requested Le Creuset cook wear this year.

but here you go...

Music - Cross Cultural


What a great way to experience other cultures than through music. I managed to find a few different choices depending on different interests. Each set is made of wood or wood and metal.

If you know of other sites with great instruments please add them to the comments or e-mail me and I'll add them to the post.

Please note that each instrument is rated for different age groups

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stokke - high chair


We have been using the Trip Trap for a few months now and the conventional highchairs with tray can't compare. We are very satisfied. The best part is right from the beginning baby learns her manners, feels close to the family and learns good eating habits.

While our baby was in the early stage, we just let her hold a spoon in one hand while we fed her. But now baby tries to scoop food herself while she sits at the kitchen table with us. We all eat together. What is so different is, baby doesn't play at the table. She just copies us eating as best she can.

She also sits low enough that she can not get her feet on the table and push back. In fact the Trip Trap is more like a buster seat for babies. Very stable, easy to clean and she feels like one of the family. She often eats what we do as long as the food is soft...gazpacho, basil garlic pesto, whole wheat bread, bisque (soups), yogurt, croissants, asiago stuffed ravioli, brown sugared acorn squash ...etc (oh, I love food!) . Plus she sucks down all the traditional smooth baby foods. (Sushi will come later)

And since the chair is convertible it adjusts with the child until full adult hood. The seat has different level settings that adjust in a vertical fashion. It even has a foot rest. Our baby has such great posture with this chair. She often sits straight up. This is great. Now without me having to say anything, she'll have nice posture. And... I don't look like the "bad guy" nagging. I don't even have to nag about eating her food or to pay attention. Stoke makes my life easier.

P.S. The chair converts from baby "high chair" to adult dining chair. It also works great with the changing table that converts to a play table then a desk.

You save time & money because now you do not have toss or resell a standard highchair and changing table. Then go out and buy a play table & chair. Then again a desk & chair when they are ready for school. She'll even take the Stokke set with her to college one day.
Keepsakes don't get any better than this!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


O.k. My list of demands includes:

Child that is healthy, active, musically incline, has rhythm (ballroom dancing anyone?)........wait back up....Music? Neither my spouse nor I play any instruments any more. How do I get music into baby's life?

I found several answers at one site, Back to Basics, one of our advertisers. They even have a "See North American and European made products" list.

One of the products that caught my attention was the
Back To Basics Exclusive Music Table. This birch wood table has a built-in xylophone, 3-note chimes, drums, and cymbal. Includes three wooden mallets and attractive mallet holder. According to the website, "Made in the U.S.A. Comes in an easy-to-clean lacquered finish. Assembles in 20 minutes. Weight 16 lbs. Size 21.75"l x 25.75"w x 15"h. (Age 3+) "

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Toy Wagons


I wanted something that was classic. It also had to be a product that both the baby and I could have years of fun with...what else then a toy wagon. We didn't want just any wagon. So, I looked around to find a few wagons that were durable, fun and not plastic. The answer was in front of me. There are several families in my area that tote their kids around town in these convenient wagons. The most common brand was Radio Flyer, in red no less. These vehicles are great for when you have more than one child and don't want to haul a side-by-side stroller out for a trek. This is an easy way to show off your kids in a classic yet fun fashion.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007



Just the right amount of Tangy, meatiness and yum yum goood. No Joke. I bought the Blueberry and strawberry at the local co-op grocery store. While pushing baby in her cart my hand ravaged the packaging releasing the "Fuitolution". Pretty Good. By the time I walked the two blocks home I realized I ate both....

I was going to take a picture...but all I have left are wrappers. Sorry.

But you can check t their really cool site. It might take a moment to load but it is worth it. Just put your cursor on the globe and learn about the makings of a cool little company.

Monday, November 5, 2007

CleanGreen Living


CleanGreen living does not have to be difficult or cost you, your savings. The only difficult thing I found is I can not find an non- plastic excersaucer for my baby. And though some products seem "expensive" relative to the "comparable" non-green product, it is all about "how" a person spends their time, energy, and money. What if a product costs more to purchase but can be reused over and over again? or if it is non-toxic and lowers the chances of your kids getting asthma...those medical bill will be way more expensive.

My little brother said "but it is so expensive" (mind you he does not hurt for cash). My answer was:

1. Second hand store sell many CleanGreen products: cloths, books, picture frames, etc. There are also consignment stores. Recycling in and of itself is CleanGreen.

2. Also, buying from the local farmer's market alone saves: money, pollution (transport), and small farms. It even sets a standard of living and caring for one's children.

3. Keeping the air in your car's tires, at the correct pressure, saves you: money, gas, and pollution.

4. Buy diapers,wipes, formula, food, toilet paper, paper towels, etc... in bulk/by the case from a website. This saves you money, time, gas, delivered to your door and there is no shipping cost.

A person can buy in bulk Seventh Generation diapers and wipes, get free delivery to your door step and save an extra 2 cents per diaper compared to Pampers. OOooH SOooo Sweet !

That is not expensive. It is expensive not to be CleanGreen.

Just think...remember that collage fund? All the money you save living CleanGreen can be put towards education.

Pampers vs. Seventh Generation
0.02cents x 8 diapers/day = 0.16 cents/day or $58.4/yr in straight up savings. Now add your cost in time and gasoline saved? 20 trips to the store/year...? Hours per year...?

What if you didn't have a car? Like me? That is about $400 in car payments, insurance and gas per month... or $4,800/yr. times 17 years for baby to grow up...$81,600.

These are just a couple examples. If you have another post it!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Biphenol A


Bisphenol-A (BPA)
is used in the production of epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics. It was first synthesized in 1891. BPA a plastic is used in packaging of foods and drinks, lining of cans, drinking bottles, baby bottles, and baby plastic toys. It is also the center of controversy among scientist. Until recently it was ban in European toys, bottles and any product that comes in contact with food, liquid, or ones mouth. It was the EFSA that reversed the ban due to insufficient evidence from research showing adverse affects on mice.


EFSA (European Union’s Food Safety Authority)
SCF (Scientific Committee on Food)
Reach (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals)

Scientist "for" biohenol-A

The EFSA panel concluded: “The Panel considered that low-dose effects of BPA in rodents have not been demonstrated in a robust and reproducible way, such that they could be used as pivotal studies for risk assessment. Moreover, the species differences in toxicokinetics, whereby BPA as parent compound is less bioavailable in humans than in rodents..."

"For these reasons, the Panel concluded that the overall NOAEL of 5 mg/kg bw/day, based on the results of a comprehensive three-generation study in the rat, identified in the SCF evaluation of 2002 is still valid..."

There are issues with the pro-BPA testing. There are many tests that show infertility problems. But even if that was over looked there are still other concerns. The previous testing was only done to determine if fertility problems occurred and fatalities, etc. What was not tested was if BPA would alter your DNA or more accurately the chromosomes in your eggs or sperm. Which has a different effect then just infertility. These findings are very new and panels have not yet reviewed the new evidence.

Scientists against Biphenol A

"Tests of human blood have found BPA levels comparable to those used in the tests by the researchers, says Patricia Hunt, a molecular geneticist at Washington State University in Pullman, Wash., and senior author of the report. The scientists exposed female mice to low doses of the chemical, in the parts per billion range. Earlier research has shown that BPA exposure in the adult female can cause defects in her eggs.

What surprised the researchers was that exposing a pregnant mouse affected future generations of female mice. The undeveloped eggs inside the developing fetuses she carried showed chromosomal abnormalities." Hunt says.

so, the big new problem is does biphenol-A collect in the human body and get past on???

"Paula Cohen, a professor of genetics at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., says that if there are human fertility problems, which because of species differences may not be the same as those seen in mice, they may not appear until granddaughters of women exposed to BPA try to have kids in 20 to 30 years."


News Article 1

News Article 2

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Costs - Getting Started

We all have to make a lot of decisions when it comes to purchases for your home and offspring. For those having to work with a budget how do we get the best quality, practicality and healthy products?

For me, I understood that if I limit cloths to second hand choices/consignment and also made bulk purchases on-line I could get everything I wanted. I was able to save significantly then use the savings towards a "discount" on the expensive items. But often what many perceive as expensive... is relative. For example the Stokke brand seems expensive...but I don't have a car so a stroller that makes my life easier and allows my baby to sit higher closer to me was worth the expense...more on that when I review Stokke's products.

One Time Baby Gear Purchases
Nipples silicone 2624.81
Organic General use pad17.99
Bottle Brush2.69
Organic Play Yard Pad19.99
Nipple brush1.19
Organic Crib Sheet12.99
Nipple Shield Silicone5.99
Organic fitted crib sheet20.00
6 glass 4oz bottles9.98
Organic Blanket20.00
6 glass 8oz bottles9.98
Wool Puddle pad Crib89.95
Organic Nursing pillow89.00
Hemp backpack33.00
Shampoo, soaps, etc20.00
Bjorne Carrier119.99
Book “What to Expect When Expecting”15.95

Thrift Store – (second hand)
Husband’s heirloom crib0.00
Cloths and Sheets40.00

Friends and relatives - Cloths, blankets, etc0.00

Other Baby Gear
Stokke Changing table (sale)399.00
Stokke High chair199.00
Stokke Stroller (10% off)799.99
Grecco SnugRide Carseat89.99
Grecco SnugGlider Swing49.99
BabeSound Monitor
Hand made scrap book75.00
Pump in Style319.99

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Organic Mattress


I did a bit of research into SIDS and Allergens. Yet, again I decided to take the high road, avoid the standard baby bedding and dish out the $$$ for a no-chemical added wool, organic cotton, and natural rubber mattress.

Most mattresses are sprayed with PBDE a flame retardant. Formaldehyde is also used on mattresses (and cloths in general). It amazes me that when I am in the laboratory people are suppose to handle with care and not expose themselves to these chemicals...but someone approved them to be on your mattress you sleep on and on your cloths you ware... ? ? What is that ? ?

According to the EPA..

What are PBDEs?

Polybrominated diphenylethers (PBDEs) are members of a broader class of brominated chemicals used as flame retardants; these are called brominated flame retardants, or BFRs. There are dozens of congeners, or varieties of the basic chemical type, of PBDEs.

What are PBDEs used for?

These chemicals are major components of commercial formulations often used as flame retardants in furniture foam (pentaBDE), plastics for TV cabinets, consumer electronics, wire insulation, back coatings for draperies and upholstery (decaBDE), and plastics for personal computers and small appliances (octaBDE). The benefit of these chemicals is their ability to slow ignition and rate of fire growth, and as a result increase available escape time in the event of a fire.

All that is interesting but should you be concerned? I was. You see there were preliminary studies done in the UK and a few other countries showing a link between sprayed mattresses and SIDS. All natural or wrapped mattresses did not seem to have this problem. It seems ones homework doesn't end with school. And now the EPA finally launched a campaign to study the health effects on people and more recently on children.

Luckily so far there is no link to SIDS according to the EPA. Though...

"There is growing evidence that PBDEs persist in the environment and accumulate in living organisms, as well as toxicological testing that indicates these chemicals may cause liver toxicity, thyroid toxicity, and neurodevelopmental toxicity. Environmental monitoring programs in Europe, Asia, North America, and the Arctic have found traces of several PBDEs in human breast milk, fish, aquatic birds, and elsewhere in the environment." As per the EPA.

See Post on PBDE

So where do you find the non-toxic mattress for baby (or you) ? ? ?



Tiny Bird Organics



Saturday, October 27, 2007

Diapers and Wipes


Most parents want the best quality they can afford for their offspring. I searched several websites, grocery stores...etc to find the most suitable baby diapers and wipes. Some of the most common brands were defiantly out. Green, non-toxic was in. The most difficult problem I had 8 months ago while on my crusade was there was no "one stop shopping".

At the time I had 3 choices...cloth, Seventh Generation or toxic diapers. So, I got a combination of cloth and Seventh Generation. I used cloth during the day and Seventh Generation at night or while out at the cafe. In addition, I know the nurses said to use warm cloths to wipe my baby because of the harsh chemicals in most wipes...but I was exhausted between two days of labor and running two companies I decided to buy my way out of the conundrum...Seventh Generation wipes! I even had to special order Burt's Bee's diaper ointment because the local store didn't carry it. So I was all set. So how did it all work out ? ? ?

I never used the diaper ointment...our baby never got a rash...6+ months and counting. My baby out grew her cloth diapers month ago. So, we have been using only Seventh Generation. The doctor at her last visit was perplexed that she had not yet had a rash let alone was not even reddish.

I pulled some info off their website...

As per their website...
Features and Benefits

Chlorine-free absorbent materials – do not contribute to dioxin pollution
Soft, cloth-like comfort
Premium absorbency
Super-stretchy resealable closure tabs
Close-fitting thin diaper
Super-stretchy leg gathers
No latex, fragrance, or TBT (tributyl tin)

So, in conclusion "All hail Seventh Generation" you have helped me on my journey to super women hood.


Over the last few months I have found some other great baby diapers.

Seventh Generation- Chlorine Free and disposable

G Diapers - a reusable shell with disposable liner, they even have a starter kit.

Tender Care - non-chlorinated and disposable.

Tushies Diapers - Gel Free and disposable.


Baby Carrier


Caring your baby can be one of the most wonderful experiences. I carried my baby in a carrier with lumbar support until she was 18lbs. I would have carried her longer had I not had a history of issues in my upper back. Though, I did gain some much needed back muscle I failed to get through my lack of exercising.

My husband takes the baby, now 6 months & 22lbs, for a walk in the carrier every morning. He'll continue until it snows. The cool part is watching all the other dads walking with their baby's in carriers each day. They always wave to each other like their part of some secrete club. We even ran into our plumber one day at the cafe. He too had his baby boy snug on his chest in the same carrier. I am thinking it is the new masculine thing to do. I'll take it.

The benefits: my hands were free to make a couple bottles, read a book, respond to business e-mails and do some basic research for my company on the internet. Carriers give the working mom/dad that extra 20-60 minutes here and there to get some little stuff done. The best part is your baby doesn't know the difference. They feel warm and cozy. They feel like their parents are there for them. Hence all the napping they do while in the carrier. Just make sure the nappy is changed before inserting them into the carrier. The warnings are usually included in the instructions too. The best warning...don't try to cook over a stove while wearing your baby.

Tip: Consider donating your sling to a thrift shop when your offspring no longer needs it or check out a consignment store if you like to both recycle products and cash.

Bjorn - carriers with lumbar support, sporty, smart and practical

Baby Hawk - Mei Tai style carrier, variety of prints with solid color straps

Oopa Baby
- hand made silk slings, sophisticated and classy

Beco Baby Carrier - Variety of prints, special adjustment strap

The Rockin Baby Sling - slings, practical for the parent who wants style & is on the go.

Toxic Household Materials


Toxic Air Contaminants

COMMON INDOOR SOURCES OF VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS: EMISSION RATES AND TECHNIQUES FOR REDUCING CONSUMER EXPOSURES. Principal Investigator: Alfred T Hodgson. University of California, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. 1999. 95-302.

"Objectives: To characterize and quantify the emissions rates of VOCs, including TACs (Toxic air contaminants), from three general categories of common indoor building and decorating materials. Also, to measure the effectiveness of various practical measures that consumers can take to reduce their exposures to the VOCs emitted from these products during and after home remodeling activities. Materials studied included carpets, carpet pads, adhesives, vinyl flooring, and interior latex paint."

"Findings: The investigators characterized the VOC emissions from three groups of materials: carpets and vinyl flooring (including associated installation material), and latex paints. Fifteen TACs were identified in the emissions from these products. Evaluation of methods for reducing exposure to related VOCs determined that use of low emitting products is the most effective means for limiting exposure to emissions from all categories of materials, and airing out the carpet and carpet cushion before installation is effective for reducing exposure from carpet compounds. Additionally, using a high rate of mechanical ventilation (exhaust fans) for at least three days, and for as long afterward as is practical, should lower occupant exposure to VOCs from paint and carpet."

"Importance to ARB’s Program: Results from this study will provide a scientific basis for future indoor air quality guidelines that advise Californians on ways to reduce their exposure to indoor pollutants in new or remodeled homes. Emissions data will be used in models to improve estimates of indoor exposures to TACs, as required by the California Health and Safety Code."

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Tobacco Smoke - VOCs



"Objectives: To measure the levels of over 20 toxic air pollutants in aged second-hand smoke (ETS) from the brands of cigarettes most smoked in California. In order to compare the results with existing data, emissions of the same pollutants from fresh sidestream smoke (smoke from the burning end of the cigarette, or SS) were also measured. "

"Findings: Most of the target compounds were present in levels high enough to be measured in both ETS and SS. ETS emissions were highest for particles, aldehydes, nicotine, and the aromatic hydrocarbons. The ETS emissions were fairly consistent among the different cigarette brands, even when "regular" cigarettes were compared to mentholated and "light" cigarettes. ETS emissions were generally higher than emissions measured in SS, apparently due to chemical losses in the SS apparatus. The ETS emission factors agree with other literature values and the investigators recommend their use in exposure modeling."

"Importance to ARB’s Program: Cigarettes are a major indoor source of many toxic air pollutants. This study provides unique information to help estimate Californians' exposures to many toxic components of ETS."

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