Monday, November 12, 2007

Music CDs


In this corner we have Baby Einstein's "Wake-up and Goodnight". And in that corner we have Putumayo Presents "Dreamland". These are completely different CDs. We are happy to have both available to enlighten our child.

"Wake-up and Goodnight" is a synthesizer rendition of the classics like Beethoven's Sonata in probably hear this one before in movies. The first 10 music pieces are for a light and fresh morning. The second 10 pieces are for bed time.

"Dreamland" is a myraid of world lullabies and soothing songs. Songs arrive to us from South Africa, Canada, Madagascar, Benin, Australia, Brasil, Tatarstan/Russia...etc. 12 countries and 13 songs later our baby is alway past out.

We want to offer our baby an opportunity to develop an ear for both a variety of sound, music, words, songs, instruments, and languages. These CDs make the education easy.

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