Monday, November 5, 2007

CleanGreen Living


CleanGreen living does not have to be difficult or cost you, your savings. The only difficult thing I found is I can not find an non- plastic excersaucer for my baby. And though some products seem "expensive" relative to the "comparable" non-green product, it is all about "how" a person spends their time, energy, and money. What if a product costs more to purchase but can be reused over and over again? or if it is non-toxic and lowers the chances of your kids getting asthma...those medical bill will be way more expensive.

My little brother said "but it is so expensive" (mind you he does not hurt for cash). My answer was:

1. Second hand store sell many CleanGreen products: cloths, books, picture frames, etc. There are also consignment stores. Recycling in and of itself is CleanGreen.

2. Also, buying from the local farmer's market alone saves: money, pollution (transport), and small farms. It even sets a standard of living and caring for one's children.

3. Keeping the air in your car's tires, at the correct pressure, saves you: money, gas, and pollution.

4. Buy diapers,wipes, formula, food, toilet paper, paper towels, etc... in bulk/by the case from a website. This saves you money, time, gas, delivered to your door and there is no shipping cost.

A person can buy in bulk Seventh Generation diapers and wipes, get free delivery to your door step and save an extra 2 cents per diaper compared to Pampers. OOooH SOooo Sweet !

That is not expensive. It is expensive not to be CleanGreen.

Just think...remember that collage fund? All the money you save living CleanGreen can be put towards education.

Pampers vs. Seventh Generation
0.02cents x 8 diapers/day = 0.16 cents/day or $58.4/yr in straight up savings. Now add your cost in time and gasoline saved? 20 trips to the store/year...? Hours per year...?

What if you didn't have a car? Like me? That is about $400 in car payments, insurance and gas per month... or $4,800/yr. times 17 years for baby to grow up...$81,600.

These are just a couple examples. If you have another post it!

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