Friday, November 16, 2007

Car Seats

So we used the Graco SnugRide infant seat. Now we need a seat for the 22lbs and up crowd. I have been doing a lot of reading on line. Our requirements are:

1. testing at both city and highways speeds

2. testing of front and side impact

3. easy to install

4. protection for head

5. protection against rear impacts and rollover

But here is the thing...I am not an I find this task stressful. I have been in four car accidents in my life: 1) 7 yrs old, mom driving, old lady t-bones us, both in motion. 2) 16 yrs old, friend driving, we hit ice and the car is turned into a pin wheel. 3) 17 yrs old, Me driving 15mph on side road, hit ice, slid off road...very slowly. 4) est. 23 yrs old, Me sitting in my Jeep Wrangler at a red light, a news paper reading SUV slams into the back of me launching my jeep from a stopped position forward 15 feet (his front end was bent in half my jeep had a small dent in the back bumper, GO Jeep) . So, with all the wonderful drivers in up-state NY and the ice a perfect car seat is a must have.

This is probably the best message I could send...get the car seat that is fitted for your car or taxi. Apparently, all cars can not take all car seats. Each car has a specific selection of car seats. For instance a 1995 Honda Accord has 7 car seats that can fit correctly and all are seat belt style (no LATCH). I have read that if you are in an accident and you didn't use the right car seat the company is not responsible. I don't know how true this is. But why take the change. So, I found a website that can help. It even handles the LATCH or seat belt answer.

One interesting (side note) article was from the BBC and they quote the a American Academy of Pediatrics. "Parents should limit the number of journeys they take their new-born babies on." Apparently small babies have a hard time breathing when in a seat for a long time.

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