Monday, November 26, 2007

Socks - That Stay On ?

Yes, there is such a thing as socks that stay on small feet. Our baby losses her socks all the time. There is one style that seems to stay on until we pull them off and that is the Athletic Fit by Maggie's.

Our babies legs are so chunky that her ankles are a little wider than her feet. What is great about Maggie's Athletic Fit is that the ankle is fitted with a short elastic section that hugs the ankle without leaving marks on our baby. The foot part is wide, more like a mitten and not like a tube sock. Check them out. I found them on (I even have the ones for adults and I was surprised at the well designed the contour fit was.)They are even organic. The Athletic fit have lasted both my baby and me longer then most tube style or less costly socks. (My toes ware through the tube style.)

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