Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stokke - high chair


We have been using the Trip Trap for a few months now and the conventional highchairs with tray can't compare. We are very satisfied. The best part is right from the beginning baby learns her manners, feels close to the family and learns good eating habits.

While our baby was in the early stage, we just let her hold a spoon in one hand while we fed her. But now baby tries to scoop food herself while she sits at the kitchen table with us. We all eat together. What is so different is, baby doesn't play at the table. She just copies us eating as best she can.

She also sits low enough that she can not get her feet on the table and push back. In fact the Trip Trap is more like a buster seat for babies. Very stable, easy to clean and she feels like one of the family. She often eats what we do as long as the food is soft...gazpacho, basil garlic pesto, whole wheat bread, bisque (soups), yogurt, croissants, asiago stuffed ravioli, brown sugared acorn squash ...etc (oh, I love food!) . Plus she sucks down all the traditional smooth baby foods. (Sushi will come later)

And since the chair is convertible it adjusts with the child until full adult hood. The seat has different level settings that adjust in a vertical fashion. It even has a foot rest. Our baby has such great posture with this chair. She often sits straight up. This is great. Now without me having to say anything, she'll have nice posture. And... I don't look like the "bad guy" nagging. I don't even have to nag about eating her food or to pay attention. Stoke makes my life easier.

P.S. The chair converts from baby "high chair" to adult dining chair. It also works great with the changing table that converts to a play table then a desk.

You save time & money because now you do not have toss or resell a standard highchair and changing table. Then go out and buy a play table & chair. Then again a desk & chair when they are ready for school. She'll even take the Stokke set with her to college one day.
Keepsakes don't get any better than this!

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