Saturday, October 27, 2007

Diapers and Wipes


Most parents want the best quality they can afford for their offspring. I searched several websites, grocery stores...etc to find the most suitable baby diapers and wipes. Some of the most common brands were defiantly out. Green, non-toxic was in. The most difficult problem I had 8 months ago while on my crusade was there was no "one stop shopping".

At the time I had 3 choices...cloth, Seventh Generation or toxic diapers. So, I got a combination of cloth and Seventh Generation. I used cloth during the day and Seventh Generation at night or while out at the cafe. In addition, I know the nurses said to use warm cloths to wipe my baby because of the harsh chemicals in most wipes...but I was exhausted between two days of labor and running two companies I decided to buy my way out of the conundrum...Seventh Generation wipes! I even had to special order Burt's Bee's diaper ointment because the local store didn't carry it. So I was all set. So how did it all work out ? ? ?

I never used the diaper ointment...our baby never got a rash...6+ months and counting. My baby out grew her cloth diapers month ago. So, we have been using only Seventh Generation. The doctor at her last visit was perplexed that she had not yet had a rash let alone was not even reddish.

I pulled some info off their website...

As per their website...
Features and Benefits

Chlorine-free absorbent materials – do not contribute to dioxin pollution
Soft, cloth-like comfort
Premium absorbency
Super-stretchy resealable closure tabs
Close-fitting thin diaper
Super-stretchy leg gathers
No latex, fragrance, or TBT (tributyl tin)

So, in conclusion "All hail Seventh Generation" you have helped me on my journey to super women hood.


Over the last few months I have found some other great baby diapers.

Seventh Generation- Chlorine Free and disposable

G Diapers - a reusable shell with disposable liner, they even have a starter kit.

Tender Care - non-chlorinated and disposable.

Tushies Diapers - Gel Free and disposable.


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