Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baby Carrier


Caring your baby can be one of the most wonderful experiences. I carried my baby in a carrier with lumbar support until she was 18lbs. I would have carried her longer had I not had a history of issues in my upper back. Though, I did gain some much needed back muscle I failed to get through my lack of exercising.

My husband takes the baby, now 6 months & 22lbs, for a walk in the carrier every morning. He'll continue until it snows. The cool part is watching all the other dads walking with their baby's in carriers each day. They always wave to each other like their part of some secrete club. We even ran into our plumber one day at the cafe. He too had his baby boy snug on his chest in the same carrier. I am thinking it is the new masculine thing to do. I'll take it.

The benefits: my hands were free to make a couple bottles, read a book, respond to business e-mails and do some basic research for my company on the internet. Carriers give the working mom/dad that extra 20-60 minutes here and there to get some little stuff done. The best part is your baby doesn't know the difference. They feel warm and cozy. They feel like their parents are there for them. Hence all the napping they do while in the carrier. Just make sure the nappy is changed before inserting them into the carrier. The warnings are usually included in the instructions too. The best warning...don't try to cook over a stove while wearing your baby.

Tip: Consider donating your sling to a thrift shop when your offspring no longer needs it or check out a consignment store if you like to both recycle products and cash.

Bjorn - carriers with lumbar support, sporty, smart and practical

Baby Hawk - Mei Tai style carrier, variety of prints with solid color straps

Oopa Baby
- hand made silk slings, sophisticated and classy

Beco Baby Carrier - Variety of prints, special adjustment strap

The Rockin Baby Sling - slings, practical for the parent who wants style & is on the go.


blogmom said...

I have a mayawrap and I love it. This one is actually all one piece of 100% cotton fabric. You can change the ways to hold your baby and they even have holds for kids as old as 3 years old. I think "baby wearing" is a great trend

Kristin Joy said...

Love baby Bjorn carriers as they provide great comfort!