Saturday, February 2, 2008

Organic on a Budget? Part 4

Well, we finished yet another week.

The total for two adults was $229. $40 of which was for a 3 liter container of extra virgin olive oil. Foodies love their fine oils. $25 was spend on baby.

Everything was organic except the the free-range chicken my partner loves.

I do believe that when looking at ones budget it is important to take into consideration medical bills. Healthier people are know for fewer illnesses: including colds.

I stuff my baby full of spinach, garlic, onions, sweet potatoes, raviolis, whole grain cereal, tomatoes, berries and the list goes on. It also includes a variety of ethnic foods whether Indian, Chinese, Italian or Mexican. We just make sure it is mush-able. That is my favorite part...watching baby sit at the table eating away trying to copy me. Even sticking chubby fingers in my plate to my dismay. But I can't complain.

I think the healthy food is paying off. The average kid can experience 6-9 colds their first year. We have 3 more months. If she makes it to her birthday free and clear that means ZERO colds for the first year. Considering how much she likes to "mouth" everything and one in sight, she is doing pretty well. And she is still building on her immune system by being exposed to the common everyday germs.

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