Friday, February 15, 2008

Donations of Food

Food donations are an incredible gift. It is up there with providing shelter, medical care, running water and heat. Donations are a simple, caring act that can take as little as ten minutes or become a full time job.

I put together a care package that includes adult & baby foods. Our local food bank takes any kind of baby food even baby formula.

I found our food bank on the internet by typing in a search for "food donations" for my location. I found the Food Bank of Western NY.

A nation wide organization is America's Second Harvest. Their site has a Food Bank Locater. So, check it out and have fun helping people this winter.

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Shawna said...

We (my 8 yr old son often accompanies me) pick up two items each week at the grocery store: items that are natural and have to be cooked unless they are natural/organic and are eat as they are ie Tree Top apples sauce. We then make a small donation at the end of the quarter to a local food bank and a food bank we have used in time of need in the past. It feels great!

However, I will not donate processed foods, snack type foods--the items that seem to be overflowing at food banks. If I am going to donate food, a substance that is needed for life, I want it to give life... not simply fill a hungry belly. Foods you cook are closer to nature than processed foods. Natural is closer to the land than a processed box of something that doesn't even resemble a food item. It is about caring, uplifting, motivating and giving.