Saturday, February 2, 2008

Birthday Parties

Birthdays can be big, small, exciting or intimate. They can be simple or elaborate...

I have read in the book What to Expect the First Year, Second Ed and on a few mom blogs including Clever Parents that young children have simple expectations when it comes to Birthday Parties. Many first birthdays are really a chance for friends and relatives to spend time with the guess of honor. That made sense to me.

My mom threw parties for me and my siblings using a theme printed on plates and cone hats. She made the food and cake. Kids came over for a few hours and it was fun. The table was always picture perfect. Though, there were no clowns or ribbons hanging from the ceiling, all the basics were there. Even the take home party favors of noise makers.

There was usually a separate picnic style party for the relatives.

Later as a young teen the parties became sleepovers or roller rink style.

So now, for a month I have pondered what do do about my kid's B-day... I figure that whatever I settle on this year will be the same pattern I take in consecutive years. A few other issues are... taking into consideration a rather large extended family, my small home, and my divorced parents.

Each party thrower will always have some things to think about if they want a party to go smooth. It may possibly be that they do not have a lot of time, a trouble maker relative, too many people expecting an invitation or any variety of issues.

Whatever the issue, find someone to talk to about it. You could possibly speak with a sibling, close friend, or even post the question on a blog. I was able to get two questions answered on Martha Stewart 's blog under Kids and Parties.

Good luck & have fun !

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