Friday, February 29, 2008

Doing The Minimum

I hear people say, "Oh she is such a good mom" or "They are great parents". But what does this mean?

This is a complicated issue. I would think that how people define what a "good parent" is will differ depending on various factors. Such factors would include geographic location, community influences, belief system (some people adhere to a religion like Christianity others a philosophy like Confucianism), culture, philosophy and many others.

I would think that there are basic requirements, such as keeping the child healthy, sheltered, fed, given medical attention, affection and so on. But even then I think people have different standards as to what qualifies as "good" health, "decent" shelter, the amount of affection...and I think it varies the most when it comes to misconduct or unwanted behavior. What people consider is appropriate for correcting unacceptable conduct...punishment, not punishment, limits (high or too low), communication, scolding, grounding...time out...etc is the most scrutinized.

All these things are under the label of "Good Parent".

These points are just the start. It can go on or maybe it should start with how you or I were raised and our parents influence.

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