Friday, February 22, 2008

Car Accicidents and Safety

While doing some research for a hypothesis I have about side impact collisions statistics I found some great websites for accident information in general.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Wikipedia Car accidents

One of the sites Kids and Cars had rather sad statistics regarding vehicles backing up out of driveways and parking lots. The site explains that 70% of the accidents are caused by the child's own parents or someone they know. And 60% of the time the vehicle is a van, truck or SUV. The common age was about 1 year old.

I can't imagine.

So, what does this mean well...The site explained that 50 kids are hit every WEEK, of this 48% are hospitalized and 2 on average don't survive. Every week...

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My father has a comment but he doesn't know how to blog so here it is: He is a specialty vehicle driving instructor. He said that driving a large truck, van or SUV requires the same skills that a tractor trailer driver has. But most people are never trained or have the skills to accomplish such a task without injuring the people around them. All people should go to driving school like they require in many other countries. And that truck and SUV drivers should have to pass a special drive program for a special license. Well, that is what my dad said and he is a senior driving instructor for large vehicles, 45 years driving rigs and no accidents.

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