Saturday, July 12, 2008

Life Subculture

Different people choose different life styles. This is obvious. I use to be under the notion that if someone was socially conscious that they would also be environmentally conscious and vice versa. But this is not true. This is unfortunate.

I recently have noticed another life style almost subculture in its own way. I do not know how to describe it in 1 or 2 words but...the only variation within this group is to what extent an individual will choose to adhere to the shared ideals that brought everyone together. I have a hunch that this Buffalo group is not the only one.

I would describe this group, one that I recently found myself unintentionally in, as being very comfortable to be apart of. These people share all the macro ideals I do.

1. environmental consciousness / and does something to help
2. social consciousness / and does something to help
3. child education / 1950's institutions are just not going to meet our requirements
4. attachment parenting
5. organic and locally grown foods
6. renewable energy wanted now
7. wanting our children to be healthy, happy, well educated and to "think out-side-the-box"
8. mixed feelings about vaccines / some people due to faith, some to health
9. There is no prejudges against ethnic heritage or partner chooses / we like diversity
10. Of the people I know, I am the most up-tight. They are more relaxed. / I like that. I need to relax.

It is really a great thing to meet people that are individual thinkers, fun and well educated (whether by school or self thought). I think I am most surprised at, and should not be, is that we all migrated to the same living area. The west side of Buffalo and the area surrounding Delaware Park. Not everyone in this area is the same but this subculture is concentrated here. I think the plethora of cafes, museums, art galleries, treed park space, beautiful old homes and urban family friendliness has made it one of the only diverse areas of Buffalo.

If you are imagining a girl in a hippy skirt, bare feet, dreadlocks and a baby in a sling you have a 1 in 20 idea. There are a few and they are welcomed but that is a small fraction of the people involved. There are classical musicians, architects, artist, baristas, shop owners, teachers, attornies, CEOs, COOs, computer programmers..etc. There are Itialian leather shoe and sandle warers. There are people driving volvos, riding their bikes, walking or busing. Some are from Pennsylvania, Boston, England, Belgium, Italy or born here. The ethnic diversity is good and could be better. But there is a number of stay or work from home dads.

So, there is a pattern. I am not sure what to call this lifestyle...Fun, Satisfing, Sustanable, Reasonable, Socially-Green Living & Parenting?


Anonymous said...

You sounded like you were describing my little community here in the Pearl District in downtown Portland, Oregon. We tend to be thirty something, sustainable, relaxed, educated, educating, loving, attachment parenting, organic local, eating, breastfeeding, co-sleeping people. We shop at the farmer's market and take the streetcar!

Tara - Working Parent said...

My sister had visited there and said that Portland is a great place. (She is a DO/PhD) She was impressed with how healthy everyone was. She chalked it up to the active & organic life style the people seemed to have.

I wish we has street cars !

I wonder where else these pockets of Socially-green people are?

listplanit said...

What a nice feeling - to be involved in a community of people you feel such a part. I have felt bits and pieces of that my whole life, but am still waiting to truly find my niche.