Thursday, July 24, 2008

Aptera The Electric Car

I have been a popular mechanics buff since college. I also am totally into innovative, energy efficient and if possible chic new products. So, let me introduce the is an incredible car and long over due.

You can check out the Popular Mechanics Video here.

Below is the Aptera Add

The main features are 120miles/charge, streamline body, light weight, plenty of space inside for a larger man like my hubby, 360 vision using three video screens on your dash, and a computer touchscreen for GPS, music, etc. It is a two seater. The Type-1 car will be in production in 2008, or now! A second alternative version will be a gasoline/electric hybrid with a whopping 300mpg. This is also called a Tpye-1, will be in production in 2009. And a five seater on a four wheel chassis is on the design board now. The Type-1 will sell for $30,000 or LESS.

I do not know how well it would do in a two feet of snow. Not that any car moves in Buffalo without the streets plowed anyway. Though, thanks to the global warming we rarely get snow for Christmas anyway. We have had green grass Decembers and Januarys for 5-6 years now. The late fall snow storm that we are famous for drys up in a few weeks. And the sun often comes out. Well this talk is for a different day & post.

We do plan on putting $25 away each week to save up for the five seater. We figure that it will be two years before the five seater is for sale... 104 weeks times $25 = a down payment.

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