Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gardening - Part 4

I learned something about growing plants together these past few week. It is very important to read directions. I said this in a previous post, did I not? Well, it seems that I am not a through reader. I planted my pumpkins, sunflowers and pole beans all at the same time. Well...The pole bean grew up the sunflower, now 3 feet tall, but the bean vine is a foot taller. The end of the vine just waves around in the air laughing at me.

So, not all vines were taller then their supportive sunflower. But for the beans that are out growing their sunflowers I had to unwind their vines and re-wrap them around thin branches I pressed into the grown. Now the vines have a make-shift trellis.

On a separate note I found this site that has some home remedies for garden pest.
Garden Pest

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