Thursday, January 10, 2008

Organic on a Budget?

Can it be done? Can you buy organic on a budget?

According to Kiwi Magazine, May/June 2007, it can be done. They had a volunteer, woman from New Jersey, who had to feed 2 kids and two adults on $90 a week. She needed to provide for three meals a day using organic whenever possible.

The volunteer in the article already had a few tricks such as making all the meals from scratch and making extra portions for lunch the next day. She also shops at a local farmer's market.

Kiwi brought in organic chef, Akasha Richmond owner of Akasha's Visionary Cuisine, an organic catering company in Los Angeles. She used the goal of "10% organic", a "goal set by Mission Organic 2010" as a guide.

The Chef was able to expand the families food variety including more soups and stir-fry, switch them over to organic dairy, added new recipes and increased the amount of expandable foods (like beans & rice). That is only part of the story. Instead of 10% organic they hit 29%.

The budget..? They went $6 over the $90. limit.

It can be done.

We are going to attempt setting a new budget. This coming week we will see how low we can get our household food budget. We do buy about 90% organic and insist on a very wide variety of food. We have a three season farmers market, who's produce is also sold at the grocery co-op near my home.

There is one less child in my house compared to the volunteer's family. On the other hand we do have a once a week grilling through out the summer and fall when friends visit. Somewhat of a trade off.

Happy Shopping!

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