Monday, January 14, 2008


Last year I decided to rip out my backyard and plant the whole thing with a garden. It will included a stone path and a figure eight stone patio.

Our Victorian home was built in 1900 in an urban setting. The houses are 5-10 feet apart. The backyard is 35 wide by about 65 feet long. The ground is pounded in and floods in the spring and fall. Two neighbors have cemented in their whole yard without proper drainage. There is wild red onions and garlic spread all over the yard. Some shade plants like Joseph's tears and Jack In The Pulpits too. And a mass of Tiger Lilies and Ivy.

This is a fabulous challenge. Many of the homes on my street participate in the City Garden Walk. I will be the first to have a fully dedicated "to be eaten" garden.

A memory just came to me. My mom while standing at the stove, asked us kids, "What would you like stuffed zucchini or fried (on a skillet) eggplant for dinner?" We said eggplant...her response was, "Well... go pick one from the yard."

Talk about fresh !

I want my family to have all the great things I a huge garden and fresh veggies. They are luxuries you know.

Do you like gardening? Or have a few plants in a pot? Are you considering a vegetable garden? These are great ways to GREEN a home. Even if it is having a few pots of herbs on a window shelf.


Shawna said... ...last year and this year's garden.

I also grew up with a garden and have had one for about 10 years now. I love it!

Pinky Bean said...

Great article! It's a great reminder that although a garden takes work and committment, there are great, sentimental reasons to plant one. I thought our readers might enjoy it, so I linked to the article and encouraged them to check out your site!