Monday, November 10, 2008

Vintage Hair Clips

Vintage Japanese Barrettes

From: Craftsbury Kids

These barrettes are hand-crafted from vintage Japanese silk kimonos and are shaped as "ume" or Japanese plum blossoms. Plum blossoms are a favorite motif in Japan representing early springtime. Each barrette is one-of-a-kind. Color will vary. Made in the USA.
$16 Per Barrette.

Kimono is the traditional dress of Japan, still worn today on special occasions. The making of a kimono is extremely labor-intensive. Only the finest silk is chosen to be carefully hand dyed and embroidered.
Then, the fabric is sewn so that no seams are visible. It can take several weeks to sew one kimono, and it's not unusual for the price of a special kimono to exceed ten thousand dollars.

In Japan, kimonos are carefully stored and handed down from generation to generation. When a kimono no longer is worn, it is taken apart with loving care, and given new life as a hair accessory.

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