Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Attachment Parenting

I did not know that the way we cared for our baby had a name, attachment parenting. I have learned a bit from some on line sources such as Dr. Sears . Much of our style just seemed to happen though. We rocked her to sleep, she slept with us and spouse carried her everywhere in a carrier. We also have a Stoke high chair so she can eat right at the table with us. And boy does she eat. We did most of this because we just like being together.

I think this affection is part of the reason why at 14 months she is 32 inches tall and 30 lbs which is much bigger then my spouse or me at this age. Yet, despite her size she stood holding onto furniture at 4.5 months (yes we have photo proof). We have videos of her at six months playing catch while sitting, and at 12 months doing a triple dribble with her little soccer ball. She also had about a dozen words including "cool" which she would screech whenever she saw fluffy socks. I am not totally sure of what to make of it all. But I keep up as best I can. I really did have the preconceived notion that babies were "baby like" longer not mini linebackers at 12 months.

I just finished putting baby to sleep. She laid on her green blanket while listening to some songs I put into a play list on She loves the Big Green Rabbit and Eric Herman songs. Kind of folksy and I could listen to them again and again. She smiled and smiled. She kicked her legs gently and turned her face to look me in the eyes with a big grin she held her arms around my neck. She just looked so satisfied, happy, and content. She turned away her head, towards the music then once again with joy hugged me and past out.

You know I always wondered what happiness was. My childhood has several rough spots. I think to me happiness is not just running a successful corporation or taking great trips around the world (though they do kick butt even if they are on a tight budget at youth hostels). Nor is it just enjoying my sunflowers that I planted in my backyard or the shade provided by my senior citizen silver maple tree. I believe, for me, happiness is all those great little moments of having the opportunity to appreciate my kid. I am really lucky to have her in my life.

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