Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chemical Debate

Better off safe then sorry...

Of 168 studies on Bisphenol A, 132studies claimed the chemical does damage. The 36 test that found BPA safe were funded by corporations. (Bill Moyers, Journal May 25, 2008).

"Especially at high temperatures in, say, microwave ovens or dishwashers, BPA can leach out of those cans and bottles -- and wind up inside the people who consume the contents. More than 90% of people 6 and older have detectable levels of BPA in their bodies, according to a 2003-04 survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." Sun-Sentinel New Paper

The Sun- Sentinel Report Continues:

"A draft report issued last month by the National Toxicology Program raised new red flags -- and consumer alarm -- about the potential harm BPA may do.

The report, based on a review of nearly 1,000 papers, expressed "some concern" that in fetuses, infants and children, typical human exposure may cause changes in behavior, in the brain, in the prostate and mammary glands, and in the age at which females reach puberty. Of the five possible levels of concern the report might have chosen -- from "serious" to "negligible" -- "some" is the third, or middle, level."

I don't use plastic bottles, storage containers, or teethers (teething toys for babies). I figure that it cost no more and sometimes even less to use wood toys, cotton dolls and animals, Pyrex storage containers, glass bottles and stainless steel.

I am prone for feeling guilty. Each time I see my baby drinking out of her stainless steel sippycup I feel good. I feel like..."I am preventing chemical that can potentially cause harm from getting into my baby". This way I don't have to worry about my child getting sick someday from something I did. I do feel it is my responsibility to help my child be healthy.

Using plastic is a choice. Plastic does have a role in our lives. I choose to use plastic in parts of my life like safety or medical equipment but I choose against using it for clothing, shoes, food or drink.

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